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Network security

Efficient Implementation of NIST-Compliant Elliptic Curve Cryptography for 8-bit AVR-Based Sensor Nodes (IEEE 2016).


Attacks against AODV Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (IEEE 2016).


Resisting Blackhole Attacks on MANETs (IEEE 2016).



Detect DoS attack using MrDR method in merging two MANETs (IEEE 2016).


Improving Reliability of Cluster Nodes in MANETs: A Fuzzy-Based Approach (IEEE 2016).


Fuzzy-Based Trust Model for Detection of Sel?sh Nodes in MANETs (IEEE 2016).


Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks in OLSR Protocol Using Fictitious Nodes (IEEE 2016).



A Fuzzy Logic based Clustering Algorithm for WSN to extend the Network Lifetime (IEEE 2016).


RAEED:A Formally Veri?ed Solution to Resolve Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Network(IEEE 2016).



Dynamic Control for Failure Recovery and Flow Recon?guration in SDN (IEEE 2016).


Saving Energy in Partially Deployed Software De?ned Networks (IEEE 2016).



A New Group Diffie-Hellman Key Generation Proposal for Secure VANET Communications (IEEE 2016).


Performance Modeling and Analysis of the IEEE 802.11p EDCA Mechanism for VANET (IEEE 2016).


ART: An Attack-Resistant Trust Management Scheme for Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2016).


Body Area Networks

Anonymous Authentication for Wireless Body Area Networks With Provable Security(IEEE 2016).


BAN-Trust: An Attack-Resilient Malicious Node Detection Scheme for Body Area Networks (IEEE 2016).


Protocols Analysis

Security analysis of IoT protocols: A focus in CoAP (IEEE 2016).


Simulation Comparison and Analysis of DSR and DYMO Protocols in MANETs (IEEE 2016).


Underwater Sensor Networks

Extending the Lifetime of Dynamic Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Using Multi-Population Harmony Search Algorithm (IEEE 2016).


Dynamic Node Cooperation in An Underwater Data Collection Network (IEEE 2016).